Sunday, April 10, 2011

when Daddy is a chef.

When Daddy is a chef this is not unusual. 
the words "Can I help!!?? Please" 
ring from awaiting sous chefs that bail on legos & dress up
 to peel chop and stir  up Mirepoix
{carrots celery onions}
that begin the meal...
another thing that might happen is something like this gets placed in front of you as you watch. 
Now before you think I'm spoiled to bits, any "restaurant widow" will tell you, we don't see much of em because people like to have dinner out, well....
in the evenings
and on holidays. 
so there's a bit of give & back to Daddy chef.
Little Miss Madeline, we call Muffin
was first responder. 
and since this is a "delicate matter" only one sous would do
{p.s. if your new to Chef-Lingo, sous is "second in command" kinda a kitchen term for VP}

And away they went, gently maneuvering the simplicity of flour, egg, potato & salt. 
Making it stick but not sticky, 
getting it to form a ball but not pushing it 
{ruins the delicacy.}
And as I indulged on my steamed Mussels in spicy white wine & garlic...they worked. 
Just Muffin & Daddy. 
Her in pearls
Her tiny hands & his big paws...
Dough formed
Him teaching & her loving every minute of having Daddy all to herself. 
Now the forks, learn how to roll it off the end of the fork to create ridges for pasta sauce to stick to...

Silly little Muffin
And dinner. 
Gnocchi that's waiting for a few seconds in a pot of hot water to make them irresistible! 

and my heart warmed just watching them. 

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