Sunday, April 10, 2011

tissue. WHO KNEW!?

I realized the other day that part of my blehhh mood was because I hadn't spend a single minute being creative. 
Now, that may be up for debate as things have been crazy busy around these parts and accomplishments have been made, however this is a different thing all together. 
Somehow, baking or crafting or [new to me] sewing are very much mood enhancers when done without necessity. Not required baking, just because baking. Or not to mend something but....fabric in hand & just create something. This makes me: calm. er.
I decided to try something new. 
As in tissue paper. 
Oh lala it made a ruffle!!!

Here's the "slide show"
of how to..
I think the possibilities are endless in application
and surprisingly simple to make
 simple silver tissue paper.{left over from a pack of Christmas tissue from Costco}

 so about 4 inches folded into 2 inch

 put just the tip under the foot so you can pinch a little fold and scoot it thru the foot. 

 after this first fold, its much much easier to pull the paper from behind the foot instead of feed it thru the front. 

 keep her coming!! and next thing you know, you've got a ruffle!! 

 made a couple, then sewed them together to make it longer, easily hidden in the pleats

then I just sewed a strip of ribbon along the line of stitches, this made it much more "structured" 
and Oh lalal I love it!!

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  1. They really did turn out so cute!! The are so festive!!!