Thursday, April 28, 2011

drum roll.....PBF&W starts!

Its finally here. 
All the planning, changes, work, expectations, invitations tickets and its finally here...
Tomorrow night, 
Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2011
Fourth Annual
and I love it!
Here's a glimpse at a couple from last few years Opening Night
 2009 -Second Annual PBF&W!

amazing!, those soap looking things are the "dressing" for his salad.

Top Chef in the house. 

 AHMazing Turbo

 These little shooters had a bit of diced sturgeon 
and a foam on die for. 
we tried to lick the last drop. that was cute.
Love her. Love her curiousity about food & willingness to try EVERYTHING. 
Ridiculous homemade Smore something.
The chocolate in the middle was so creamy....
and the graham cracker crust. L O V E. 


 the best thing in a dumpling like bread. 
Charles Phan. Oh me oh my

 crazy wierd cheese bread with morels on it. 
Fondue like. 
REALLY tasty. 
 Tim Love made us grilled chops. 
with a handle to devour em!

 Licked our fingers clean!

 There's a bubbles room 
somewhere in all the rooms we traveled to
we tasted 8 different amazing top Champagnes/Sparkling
The grand dame was unbelievable. I'd never have known just how good it was until I had all the others to compare to.
I'd like more. 
Now please!

 Raw abalone. She was timid. But ate it! 
Just not on camera...ha!
 Goof balls. But having a blast goof balls.

Foie anyone? Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

After parties... it was a blue night. 
SO much fun....

 from above.
 not great of me, but I'd found my chef-FINALLY!!!
So happy he's made it thru one of the crazy days & had a beer in hand. I love u babe, being a chefs wife..well it has perks.

 And then we found the race track. 
Kicked the boys to the curb, we crashed & sucked but laughed the entire time! Concentration is amazing, huh?

Livin' like the rockstar he is. 
Thanks Chadwick, Sarah & Toddy for all the fun...

tonight is this years, all ready!!!

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