Thursday, April 28, 2011

drum roll.....PBF&W starts!

Its finally here. 
All the planning, changes, work, expectations, invitations tickets and its finally here...
Tomorrow night, 
Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2011
Fourth Annual
and I love it!
Here's a glimpse at a couple from last few years Opening Night
 2009 -Second Annual PBF&W!

amazing!, those soap looking things are the "dressing" for his salad.

Top Chef in the house. 

 AHMazing Turbo

 These little shooters had a bit of diced sturgeon 
and a foam on die for. 
we tried to lick the last drop. that was cute.
Love her. Love her curiousity about food & willingness to try EVERYTHING. 
Ridiculous homemade Smore something.
The chocolate in the middle was so creamy....
and the graham cracker crust. L O V E. 


 the best thing in a dumpling like bread. 
Charles Phan. Oh me oh my

 crazy wierd cheese bread with morels on it. 
Fondue like. 
REALLY tasty. 
 Tim Love made us grilled chops. 
with a handle to devour em!

 Licked our fingers clean!

 There's a bubbles room 
somewhere in all the rooms we traveled to
we tasted 8 different amazing top Champagnes/Sparkling
The grand dame was unbelievable. I'd never have known just how good it was until I had all the others to compare to.
I'd like more. 
Now please!

 Raw abalone. She was timid. But ate it! 
Just not on camera...ha!
 Goof balls. But having a blast goof balls.

Foie anyone? Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

After parties... it was a blue night. 
SO much fun....

 from above.
 not great of me, but I'd found my chef-FINALLY!!!
So happy he's made it thru one of the crazy days & had a beer in hand. I love u babe, being a chefs wife..well it has perks.

 And then we found the race track. 
Kicked the boys to the curb, we crashed & sucked but laughed the entire time! Concentration is amazing, huh?

Livin' like the rockstar he is. 
Thanks Chadwick, Sarah & Toddy for all the fun...

tonight is this years, all ready!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I knew it the moment I took it...

I had a picture in my mind. 
This usually doesn't work out the way my mind sees it when I try to make it happen with my camera. 
Sometimes it does. 
Mostly it doesn't.
Today it did. 

14 and half years ago today, my whole world changed. 
I became a Mom. 
And this precious girl became a little bit of me, only much better... right before my eyes. 
I took a picture I had in my mind...and I knew the moment I took it, I'd love it forever. 
only it makes me wanta cry because she's just so wonderful & amazing & fabulous & smart & loving & each thing I ever hoped that day when she entered the world. 

and as she takes these next couple weeks to finish up middle school & prepare to graduate & head off to high school I more than ever want to capture where she's at. 
a glimpse. 
at all that she is becoming. 
I love you. 

Father Daughter Dances. A date with their Daddy.

The girls recently had dates with their Daddy. 
I am overwhelmed when I think about how much this means to them..

Kenzie & Daddy. 
It was rainy, but that didn't spoil the fun, just the pictures. 
and for the record, I am THRILLED our school does this. 
Dad's- take it, this chance is precious!
 Couple weeks later, it was the littler girls turn. Abbie looked so lovely in this white dress.
And she could not wait to get Daddy on the dance floor! 

 Little Miss Madeline. She loved the pearls Momma picked out for the dance...that's my girl. 

 a sweet little girl & her man.
 Daddy & his girls!
Isn't this precious? Oh Abbie how you love your Daddy, and I am so thankful he loves you just like you need him to. This makes my heart full!