Saturday, July 9, 2011 far!

What we've been up to so far...

 First day of summer was basically, an extension of last day of school...a pool party & a beach party with all the kids that just graduated. Extra fun way to start summer! 
 My girls love pictures. 
 Then that night was a lovely & amazingly talented Abbie's ballet recital in Carmel. 
 Incredibly proud of her. And oh my gosh what talent, she was in first act-we stayed thru 3 acts! Amazing!
 On monday the girls headed to camp. Abbie the camper & Kenzie the counselor. Cabins were truly "camp cabins" & I loved it! So authentic...right? 
 Rows of bunks & sleeps 16. Good times!

While they were at camp we did a lot of bike rides & park days. Off to get our mail... 
 Friday we picked up girls at camp, Abbie loved the pudding slip-n-slide & Kenzie made lots of little friends being a great counselor. God has so given her a gift for kids. She loves it & they love her!
 Father's Day weekend we headed up to visit my grandpapa & nana. And spent mostly every second in the pool! Of course, its hot there (at least for us fog saturated folk). 
 The best part of the weekend (not to say time with dads wasn't great!) was getting this guy from the top step to leaping in the pool! Last summer I was anxious to be my first summer with everyone "pool happy" meaning, all the kids swim & for the first time no baby to shelter in shade & nurse! Boston had turned 3 & loved jumping in swam around playing but needed floaties. Yeah me! BUT B took a slip beginning last summer & never went past first step. All summer. Boo hoo! So, with grandpapa's help (my dad) he worked with B to slowly get him confident & make B think it was all his idea in the first place-genius! Next thing you know...

 Success!!! He loves to & totally got over last summer. 
 Picking sweet peas with nana

 On the way home we stopped by a place to "experience" with the kids. Their first Krispy Kreme!
 the whole process is inthralling! 

 Yup, "Serving Hot Donuts" NOW is right. There's our dozen coming down the line...

 Next day we went on our olallieberry trek. Usually done the first day of summer but with a recital, pool party & bbq it got delayed. 

my berry sweet crew!
then we went home & made Olallieberry Jam. Its the best!
 a watermelon eating contest. 
no hands, messy but fun.
This girl is a joy, a stinker but total joy! She is always early to rise...and in summer it is critical to let the sleepers sleep despite her perkiness. So one morning she asked to read some books. Cookbooks. 
Sure I said. They didn't strike her fancy, too confusing she said. So I retrieved my beloved Martha Stewart KIDS Magazines. OH how I miss getting them. I am still saddened they are no more....but I love my copies! She did too, turns out. And she made a grocery list for something she wanted to make. 
We got the items, and she made it all by herself. 
 No Bake Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust

 she was so proud! And I loved having the time to just let her go. All the reading, measuring, instructions, and the was delish!
Love summer...time for walks at dusk. 
Pool days & bikes. This is what our front yard looks like. HA! If anyone asks what my address is, I just say look for all the kids stuff. Its us.
 Oh how I love our little town on Independence Day 

 Just couple days before they decorate the trees that line the road off highway to our town. 
Those are lettuce fields in the foreground & some celery some cauliflower in distance...
 Peek thru the sunlight & theres the edge of town 
 Sleepovers with morning breakfast served in back yard. 
Milk & donuts.
that's it so far...
still 4th to go & a couple more days of fun. 
Isn't summer the best!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dessert Menu.

As a chefs wife I need to help with little things like consistency.
He redid the dessert menu & wants to have every dish made the same despite who's running pantry. 
{that's kitchen code for making salads & desserts}
so he asked if I'd take a few pictures to show how he wants them made.

Both fun & yummy. 
BUT food pictures are tricky & take time.

 Bread-pudding with vanilla ice cream with a pecan caramel something something. 
I didn't write down descriptors! 
 Oh yum. 
Creme Brule with fresh berries.
so silkin smooth & OH so dreamy vanilla creamy.
Profile shot.
 his version of carrot cake.
His favorite dessert on earth & he had to put one on the menu despite mine still being his favorite
 Hot in a skillet Chocolate Chip cookie.
Ooey Gooey with Chocolate Sauce  
{take the shot quick before it melts}
Vanilla Ice Cream 
My chef.
 now this one is a sneaky little dessert. 
Doesn't look like much-a-do.
BUT inside it surprised me!
Oh so good Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream & they make 
{its another dessert but no one can mess it up it comes in a popcorn cone}
Housemade Caramel Corn.
OMG is right!
The smooth rich chocolatey pudding & whipped with salted caramel crunch. Loved it.
Came out to check on me. 
And then he wanted to make sure I saw the other new things on the menu that I need to shoot [another day] for the restaurant.

a very not cute picture of me getting back to people on my phone while INDULGING 
Hello, check out my table. embarrassing.