Saturday, April 16, 2011

I knew it the moment I took it...

I had a picture in my mind. 
This usually doesn't work out the way my mind sees it when I try to make it happen with my camera. 
Sometimes it does. 
Mostly it doesn't.
Today it did. 

14 and half years ago today, my whole world changed. 
I became a Mom. 
And this precious girl became a little bit of me, only much better... right before my eyes. 
I took a picture I had in my mind...and I knew the moment I took it, I'd love it forever. 
only it makes me wanta cry because she's just so wonderful & amazing & fabulous & smart & loving & each thing I ever hoped that day when she entered the world. 

and as she takes these next couple weeks to finish up middle school & prepare to graduate & head off to high school I more than ever want to capture where she's at. 
a glimpse. 
at all that she is becoming. 
I love you. 


  1. Such a wonderful tribute to a beautiful, up and coming young lady.

  2. She's such a beautiful cross between her mom and dad. On a photography note, the lighting on her hair is so angelic. Lovely photos. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

  3. Thank you so much for these lovely pictures. I will cherish these photos forever. I cannot believe how incredible they turned out. Thank you. It is so fun to be in all of your pictures!! You are a fabulous photographer and I love you soooo much!!!