Sunday, March 20, 2011

take note. first time. ever.

for the first time ever. 
we are all sick. 
at the same time. 
this really isn't a proclamation or a good means no one feels like fetching you a glass of water. nights are restless. its hard to hear over all the coughing & sneezing.
 how I've kept this from happening before is beyond me but I wish I knew! Last week spend the whole week with little guy home & on the couch, Thursday I went down with Kenzie. By Saturday everyone had it. Not a good thing. 
I actually felt like a bad momma after getting everyone into bed walking around dispensing drugs to everyone! BUT I know its vital that they all get their rest. I just never need to do it! And I'm grateful for that!!
After today.
We are going to need groceries & a very good house cleaning.
and maybe a health miracle!!

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