Friday, March 18, 2011


just took this the other day. 
in fact, this was the night we went to visit my Chef & his new job 
and also the last time my camera worked. :(
She's @ Canon now getting fixed (I HOPE) no diagnostic yet.
{more on that later}

but i just love this picture of B.
here's the thing taking pictures of kids, you can't ask them to sit still, pose, fiddle with your camera and then yell at em. Nope, you'll never get things like this grin.
They wanted to run the hill, ok.
He wanted to climb on the rocks, ok. 
I loved the green hills because, look what it does in a pic with a background like that!
So, I moved, I put my lens where it needed to be & waited til he was laughing & showing off. 
Then. Snap.
He's so cute I wanta eat him up.

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