Tuesday, March 15, 2011

joy comes in funny ways

Hi, my name is Ada & I'm a photoholic.
Its been a week and 2 days since I've had my camera.
And I think about it like a man thinks about....well. I think about it a lot.
For whatever reason, on my way to a fabulously fun birthday party & it started taking black pictures.
I was so bummed! Armed with only me iphone with me I snagged a few, um grainy in desperate need of flash or ISO photos...but still managed to have fabulous time.
Then the dreaded walk into my camera shop.
not good. 
in his "40 years" of experience
I should be outraged that my Canon 50D seems to have a "shot" sensor. And its 1 year & 6 months young!
all I could see was 
:( $$$$$$$$

But I sent it off & its there now. 
I miss her so.
And it makes my PictureOfTheDay project
"Project Life"
especially difficult. ie-armed with only my iphone camera
I spent a week taking lousy pics trying to be ok with it.
I discovered that my oldest had her camera!!
Oh the joy of snapping a couple pictures! 
Really, it made me giddy with joy. 

BUT back to a couple ideas with pictures...
 I save $$ by giving haircuts whenever I can. Yes, I know this could go south at any time. 
BUT it saves us so much when you count heads & how often it comes up...although this little guy tried really hard to convince me "I don't need haircut"! 
 OH really, surfer.
 who needs a barrette? Good grief. No more
There's those lovely eyes!

much much better!!!

the Chef took a new position with a company. 
His new gig isn't a bad location..
Conte Naste' Top 10. 
looks a little like this

more to come....

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