Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I find oatmeal comforting..
not the pot of slop my chef thinks it is.
I love sending the kids out with warm bellies which the character of "cereal" 
{although fine} 
does not satisfy. 

For them, I add butter, brown sugar, cinnamon...sometimes I dice up an apple saute it first in the butter before adding the water & oats. YUM. 

For me, I try to make it a bit healthier...although I love the indulgent float of butter! 
Sometimes vanilla makes it just a bit nicer. 
That pinch of salt it suggest, take it. It does help. 
Or I might add a splash of Orgeat Syrup. Its the type you add to coffee drinks. 
Orgeat is Almond Flavor & I keep it around because my kids love the warm steamer drinks at Starbucks, this $5.00 bottle lasts me for EVER.

A touch of that or if you have Almond Extract, just a drop will take a bowl of oats to another level. 
a spoon full of olallieberry jam is my favorite. 
But we've eaten it all...til June.

My anthro latte bowls steaming with porridge, shouldn't that come from a cottage full of kids on their way down the block to school.....
comforts of home.

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