Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday of Pebble Beach Food & Wine Event.

This is going to go a bit backward...
mostly because I didn't lug my big ol camera thru Opening Night. 
note to self: get those!
 And because Sunday was full of fun great pictures. 
{consider that a warning.}

first stop
Michael Symon.
He was busy tearing mint leaves...
and we stepped up to try his Lamb Meatball with yogurt& herb 
little fennel on top & a mint leaf.
my date aka Molly started to move hers around as I popped it all in my mouth & wished for another...
she got scolded (nicely)
"no, picking things apart! eat it all together"
chefs are specific about their creations, 

 she obeyed. And loved it. 
 sorry for putting pics of you eating but we were at a food event ;)
 next up, my chef. 
He was working on his dish just as Grand Tasting was opening....
it was delish!
Lamb breast cooked so long it was as tender as short rib. Crisp edges but subtle meat.
Drizzled with blackberries 
on a cornmeal Johnny Cake
 The Chef & I
 Josh Drage from The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana
 Guy spotting, he didn't cook at the event
just book signing
 wonderful Walter Manke
 very tender "sliders" 
Pork made into something like a crabcake. with slaw & avo on tiny little roll....YUM.
 It was especially warm 
(for us!)
and Rose sounded good to me.
I found a couple but this one really stood out
also like Heitz (Napa) Vineyards Rose. 
 This was the cutest wine bucket I'd seen. 
Krug Trough. 
Oh bubbles can be rustic too!
 Morimoto made Octopus on small sushi square with marinated julienne vegetables.
It was good, a little chewy for me 
I like Octopus but have found ceviche is my favorite way because makes it so tender.
Flavors were wonderful!

 Our group of wandering eaters: Stef, Chadwick, Molly & I
 Jerry Regester
 And then back to Todd and WHOA his crowd!

 drizzling something sensational
 Good friends, together again!
 Peter from Plumed Horse Restaurant. 

 Then back to see Anne, 
she made creamy wonderful Farro Risotto with Rock Shrimp
 and obliged a couple pictures...

 a little Salt tasting...while we drank 2 bottles of Panna water!
hydration is key.
Molly deciding how she can get more Lula's Sea Salt Caramels. 
they are AH mazing. 
 then over to see Tyler

who sadly ran out of his Fried Chicken :(
of course that means I am over due for a trip up to Wayfare to get some!
{he went thru 500 lbs of chicken in 2 1/2 hours!}

then we headed over to the Fire Pits at Spanish Bay to meet up with my patio crew from the weekend. 
 and Todd was able to join in for few minutes in the sunshine
 the hysterical & my new best friend Dougie.
Introduced him to Todd's favorite cocktail {refreshing category}
over the weekend-turned into his new fav too!

Silver Tequila, Ruby Grapefruit juice & Campari

 my patio crew: Doug, Rocco, Molly, Scott, Anne, Michael, my wonderful amazing friend Danielle, and the talented Katie.
 Michael was having shade complications. As in sunglasses...
someone at the table decided mine might suit him....
 Perfect! he was instantly incognito & everyone talked to Doug instead!!

 Then the bagpiper came strolling in..and shadows got longer, our weekend was almost over.
 Til Scott & Anne decided to say good bye. 
I have no idea what is going on in these. 

 Its a lot of love. I think. JK!
 wonderful weekend....lots of sad goodbyes because it will be a whole year before we see each other again. Lots of new friends made. 

And one birthday girl with a birthday of a lifetime!


  1. OMG....amazing post...loved every moment. A birthday to remember for a lifetime! Cheers my friend :) xoxoxo

  2. NO way!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are just perfect!