Tuesday, May 31, 2011

birthday streak. done!

this precious girl is.....10! Yup, its a double digit birthday.
And she's something special...

As I am celebrating my middle child turning the big 10.
I am also celebrating because I have a hit the end of my birthday streaks!! 
which means. October December January March April May I have birthdays in my house to plan. 
dats a LOT.
from May 28-Oct 15. nope. 
ahhh....I made it. 
{don't read that as I don't like a good party, all of it. BUT when you hit home stretch, and like I'd said about May....well. I'm glad they are behind me}

ON to the CRAFTing!
So I took the cute invite 
[see last post]
and ran with the colors. 
No "theme" because we did movie with few friends & out to dinner. 
Colors rule at 10 anyway. Right?
 cut cute little pennants for a flag/banner
 sewn on to good ol string. 

made a few flags of fun patterns & colors...just for the table at dinner. And the token "theme" element. Popcorn box for them!
sweet girl is honestly, easy to please. she loves everything!
and was happy-surprised at her table. 
 movie was great! Kung Fu Panda 2! then they walked while I drove to the other end of the mall to set the table. Some balloons, on either end. 

 she's a keeper. Love you Abbie-snail!
 some fun straws...out with the white! in with the festive pink ribbon-y one! 
 friends, brothers, sisters=LOVE
 little spot for her invite and it acted as a banner holder for the table. 
between the flags..
 her pals
 they make dessert. done.
after all this wasn't her birthday day....
 thinking of a wish.... 
 I know all her wishes will come true. She's precious.
 oh that Hollister smell. they love it :[

and then that wrapped up the party. Abbie gave her thank you's, a pair of purple sunglasses & panda bear necklace. ha! [thanks 4ever21!]

next came class celebration: low key teacher. just bring a snack. 
chocolate chip cookies with sprinkles. still warm, YUMMM.

 another wish...
first dibs to teachers...

ON her actual birthday we had morning routine of lessons & driving...
and then quick bite at chipotle. 
THEN off to get her birthday present! 
her very own bike. 
she has been hoping for for a while!!!!
and just the right one..

 when she got home, her sister had wrapped a present! And it was Huge & heavy!
 well. with bricks inside!
 and another bag
 and a box
 and a bag

and tissue.... was a charm bracelet her sweet sister made for her. 
I love my kids.

THEN off to dinner. 

 Daddy cooked :)
and all her favorite things flew out of the kitchen....
and then came
 the biggest warm chocolate chip cookie in a skillet with gobs of ice cream on top! 
that's my girl!!
 and a call from her BFF that was MIA for the festivities. 
she was happy. celebrated. loved. and 10.

we love you to the moon & back.

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