Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day.

I must say, I don't think a day is enough...
Mothering is something so much more & bigger, although appreciate-I wish it took more recognition than just A day. 
Just few days have passed....well, more than that but with all the mothering going on its been a blurrr....

 they made me cry. 
Parker in his homework had written a poem!
Abbie had gotten me a button/badge
Kenzie wrote how she appreciate all the things I did to keep our family running. 
Madeline had hearts & SO SO SO SO much written big ;)
and Mr. B was just himself, wonderful.
 oh potatoes, how I love the. 
thanks Toddy for an amazing breakfast...
 with my FAVORITE- Hollandaise sauce!

 quick stop by See's Candy to drop by my grandmother for Mother's Day. Love you Grandma!
 Then we were off to Point Lobos. 

 Lots of looking around...climbing rocks.

 finding treasure.

 and then of course-EAT. We stopped by Whole Foods and got some picnic items, "Fisher style". 
chips, salsa, amazing cheeses, bread, olives, roast chicken, roasted garlic spread, pears, pirate bootie & drinks. 

 These little people just make he happy. 
one of em!
Baby seals were on the shore...learning from their mommas! 

 a nice long walk after our feast, around a couple paths along the coast. If you've never stopped into Point Lobos, its fantastic bit of true coastal california
 beautiful wild flowers & succulents growing in the cliffs.

 lots of running.
Parker & Kenzie found a path down to a beach.. 

 This view makes me feel home. 
I grew up around these parts and seeing just green ranch with Carmel in the foreground has always been part of me. I love it.
 The reason for the season- KIDS!
Thank you all for making me who I am.
For the gift of being a mother & having you with me every day, 
your all my favorite.
 And then a show-off otter. 
It played in the water and loved having an audience. 
let make it a week next time around.

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