Friday, July 1, 2011

Dessert Menu.

As a chefs wife I need to help with little things like consistency.
He redid the dessert menu & wants to have every dish made the same despite who's running pantry. 
{that's kitchen code for making salads & desserts}
so he asked if I'd take a few pictures to show how he wants them made.

Both fun & yummy. 
BUT food pictures are tricky & take time.

 Bread-pudding with vanilla ice cream with a pecan caramel something something. 
I didn't write down descriptors! 
 Oh yum. 
Creme Brule with fresh berries.
so silkin smooth & OH so dreamy vanilla creamy.
Profile shot.
 his version of carrot cake.
His favorite dessert on earth & he had to put one on the menu despite mine still being his favorite
 Hot in a skillet Chocolate Chip cookie.
Ooey Gooey with Chocolate Sauce  
{take the shot quick before it melts}
Vanilla Ice Cream 
My chef.
 now this one is a sneaky little dessert. 
Doesn't look like much-a-do.
BUT inside it surprised me!
Oh so good Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream & they make 
{its another dessert but no one can mess it up it comes in a popcorn cone}
Housemade Caramel Corn.
OMG is right!
The smooth rich chocolatey pudding & whipped with salted caramel crunch. Loved it.
Came out to check on me. 
And then he wanted to make sure I saw the other new things on the menu that I need to shoot [another day] for the restaurant.

a very not cute picture of me getting back to people on my phone while INDULGING 
Hello, check out my table. embarrassing.

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  1. I would have a hard time choosing just one dessert!