Saturday, November 6, 2010

wow these food bloggers. Food Buzz 2010-SF

these first few, really are just because I love LOVE taking photographic perspective picutes.
fantastic sky & building etched in it.
I love San Francisco.

 Food Blogger Conference. Or Festival, not sure what it is called. What a Buzzzz

 Chef Todd getting all things straightened out with Ashley the blogger that "won" demoing with him for her recipe using Fresh Express Salad. He is a lot on God Bless her!
 Across the street from Sir Francis Drake. 
Ever been? Famous for small pancakes. ok.
 FB posting....yes, he loves his audience, the grin tells it!
 Prep table....
Everyone. YES, everyone had at least 3 things on their laps...cell phone or computer, cameras and then some, and a note pad or "notes" on their phone to keep audiences in tune.. wow.

 Ashley & Chef Todd...notice I am not on stage, that's his department mine is behind the scene :}
 Seriously...butternut squash and onions carmelizing in olive oil for sure needs to be shared. The smell made the room crazy!
 Each and every blogger was armed and ready to get a shot of the pan-food blogger & cameras are smitten!!
 delicious Ashley! Nice recipe...
 The next venue is at Metreon and gorgeous city scape of SF. 
Lots of different venues all inside but with a City back drop, loved it.
 The ever darling & food focused Tyler Florence line.
 Far Niete. Yes, please. 
 just as the gate are opening! wow. Food Bloggers are anxious for food!!!
 delightful ice cream from Three Twins. Yum!
 Fresh Express Artisanal Sierra Crisp Herb Mix with fresh cranberry vinaigrette and toasted quinoa & smoked pecans. wonderful & different! Fantastic feed back from the guests on complexity & flavor.

 great white wines, fun labels
 amazing line up of beers. truly artistic!!

 Chef Todd wows the crowds. How fun to make something simple but wow the audience. 

 EVERY food blogger was toting a camera of many shapes & sizes. That is what sets apart food bloggers!
 Chef Todd & winner Ashley from edibleperspective blog
 Our team from Incendia Creative
 oh yes. I love me some pig!
 I loved seeing my City Boy with a Cityscape on his backdrop....but this wasn't quite it. 
 This was. I love love love this shot. This is my man. Dredged in conversation, beer in hand, in San Francisco. That's him.
 for sure!
yes, I am.

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  1. How great to come across your blog! Thanks for the comment to mine :) I missed FoodBuzz due to my granddaughter's second birthday up in Portland. I would have loved to have seen you there or at Harvest...Todd was his usual charming self and the food and wine was CRAZY!
    Looking forward to Pebble Beach, I'm staying in town for the event with friends from the East Coast so you'll surely see us at the firepits! Keep in touch!