Monday, November 22, 2010

wingin' it.

sometimes the biggest perk is knowing how to wing it. 
And by that I mean, 
don't have any idea what I'm going to feed the family and 4:30 has come & gone....
open the fridge & knowing by looking thru you can make something out of whatever I find. 
this is a bit of a learned skill. 
and it doesn't always play out.
So, the other day as the night came quicker than my routine of chores, I needed a quick meal for 7. 

I usually always have the "trinity"
its a food term for our regular pantry items that are really the base of everything. 

Had some ground beef thawed
I usually have ground turkey but a family friend of ours bought a whole half cow
and their freezer didn't hold it all
{lucky us}
and I got 2 shelves full of grass fed beef.

 and sometimes your husband works on a Sunday 
but brings you home this..:-}
that's my pile of papers to update my calendar in the back
hence the wine-ha!

So I made soup with the veggies
added broth
seasoned it
added a can of cannelini beans
made a meat ball mixture with the beef 
and just before ladling it out
added 2 handfuls of baby spinach
it disappears in seconds
makes it delish!!
1 more veggie in my kiddos 
 handful of spinach
 seconds later
Served it with a sprinkle of parm
and I made up dinner. 

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