Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my favorite sport of all time

Indeed we love sports in this family. 
As a kid my dad (his only child til I was 10) took me to baseball games & we listened intently to them on the radio in his shop or pick up truck. 
I've driven my kids to everything from soccer to horseback riding to basketball to baseball. 
I got to go to a San Francisco Giants game on my birthday last year. 
LOVE sports. 
And I love my husband so I've genuinely tried to learn as much as I can about football. Even still, the rules confuse me. But I'll keep trying...

my favorite sport of all time is, t-ball. 
Everyone cheers for everyone. 
The goal of the game is to get these 4 year olds to run to the correct base, in order. 
Everyone gets a turn. 
Everyone wins. 
And its utterly cute. 

See, the other honest truth is, I'm not competitive. 
I like things to be fair, I like nice people to win, I like congratulating everyone. T-ball does all that!
Soon after t-ball years are gone, even with 8 year olds parents turn into nutcases! As if their childs life depends on the game & the opposing team's 8 year old is the enemy of their life, slinging insults to rattle him. Honestly. Nutcases.

His first game (ever) was rained out
Then the day finally came, time to get the cleats & glove...
 irresistibly cute.
 ready on first base, got the stance down!
rain held off til the very end of the game. 
The crew after Boston's first game, ever. 
[missing big brother, he had water polo tournament]

So, for now, I'll love every second of my final precious year of t-ball with my little guy...and cheer for everyone!

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