Monday, December 19, 2011

Becky Higgins 12 Days of Christmas

How very fun & super surprising...
On a whim, I submitted a quick holiday wrapping tip to Becky Higgins 12 Days of Christmas video contest. 
Thought, no biggie- surely more creative peps out there. 
I won? 
I won! 
How very fun & merry is that!!

Adore Becky's creative, heart of the home, realistic mommy-ness. She's just fabulous & I've followed her blog for.....years. In fact I may have not known the term blog until looking for hers because I had her books on Scrapbook Sketches. 
Anyway thrilled to share the fun of how to make beautiful bows on your gifts that year, and Becky (Brandi too!!! -her assistant) thanks so much for letting me join the fun. 

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

get wrappin! Ideas for Merry Christmas wrap:

pardon the boring brown walls.
these havent made their way out of my room yet....
alas the tree isn't ready. yet. ugh....

I think I'll concentrate on the fact that I have wrapping done instead!

Here are just a few ideas for different wrappings this year.
I had everything you see already at home, 
that could be considered resourceful, but I think I just buy things for projects...and not get to them. 

using ribbons, all kinds
 this type of wrapping is especially good if your transporting it! 
as in stuffing back of the car.
or into a box to ship. 
because it doesn't matter if a yarn ball feels smooshed. It behaves after nicely. 

 I found the coolest things this year, if you use scallop scissors in wrong way, meaning the left over fabric has the scallop- the opposite looks like the pointy leafs of holly! how great is that. 
no more maneuvering scissors to give little points. 

also, don't be shy about staples! 
they work. 
they're silver. 
they hold lost of things to lots of things!
 I had found these silver letters forever ago at dollar bin Target. Thought about jazzing up couple titles in my Project Life pages. 
I love how simple an initial looks on tag or package. 

 a little washi tape. :-) so love this stuff. 

 here's a couple more that can be transported flat-
Don'tcha love the red white bakers twine. I bought a spool off ebay. Also have them at sweet shop lulu. 
It works on anything! 
But for big packages, I'd suggest wrapping it a couple times so its not dainty. 

so there ya go. 
got some wrapping done over I just gotta get that darn tree done. 

Finals week-encourage your students!

my freshman in her first week of finals came home with this on Tuesday

 how cute is that! I love this....and I think a little treat for sitting for 2 1/2 hours doing a 20 page Physics test deserves a bit of sweet! 
darling & so many ways to use this for other grades too. 
had to share!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lunch Box

I can't tell you how many times 
[after I get asked "does he cook like this every night??"]

"do your kids eat everything?" 

"what do you make them for lunch,
I need new ideas!"

I will say that although they don't eat EVERYTHING, they do eat well. 
I have never made a separate meal for anyone. Ever. 
I already make 7x[3+2(snacks)]  everyday. 

yesterday I saw this at Williams Sonoma
I love these ideas, and I think most of us are visual
if not learners-for SURE eaters!

Here's an idea I've made for lunches for a while. 
Super easy & packed with fiber, protein & completely exchangeable to your tastes.
 Its pasta salad, made with the pasta plus. Most kids love pasta already, this stuff is like a complete meal! honestly. 
 Here's what we added, garbanzo beans, carrots, cucumbers, kidney beans & because the little man below is so sweet- olives. Per his request. 
 Make the pasta as directed, have your beans (extra fiber, protein, very kid friendly!) & veg ready. 
Cool the pasta before adding or it absorbs all your dressing. Then I just add a little ranch dressing, and little italian dressing. If I had the time, I'd make Pioneer Woman's Ranch. Because that stuff is SO good no one can resist...if not, use what I have. Little salt & pepper. If it needs more creamy, add little may. 

 I pack it it containers for lunch time, kids love it & I feel good knowing they've had something substantial in their tummy. 
Many many combinations possible. 
Cherry Tomatoes

Thursday, December 1, 2011

just a quick tip:
need to celebrate someone in "on the fly"? 
as in....
I only have time to stop at 7-11!
[don't laugh, if you know how much I love to celebrate & party plan this is hysterical. but so true.]

Bought a couple packages of hostess cake snacks.
Took a paper cup I have for hot drinks, atop that a simple paper plate & voila'! a cake stand. 
A candle to make a wish....

savoring my year...

I took this with my iphone the other day...
we were between my long list of errands,
and as every momma knows it takes an extra time to get check marks on our lists with little followers.
we interrupted my list to go to the park to play. 
shadows caught a moment I just don't want to forget...
Isn't that why we take pictures?

On this day, I had been reminded from every interaction from strangers how big he's getting.
[seems I get a lot of, "betcha cant wait til last ones in school all day-FINALLY"]
I am in no way in a hurry to drop this little guy off. 
 I am totally loving the time I have with him & trying to savor those moments.
we color. we find letters of the day. sometimes we stay in pjs til noon. He's my buddy. I've had a lump in my throat knowing kindergarten is inching closer...all DAY kindergarten!
 He's just a light in my day & yes-I know I'll get more done when I can jet between stops, those appts I put off (teeth cleaning? check up? the quite necessary pedicure!) 
But as a all of us. 
We're gonna miss this. 
All of it. 
the last of my crew.
my pal. 
Mr. Green eyes melts me.
Savor the shadows while you have them...