Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lunch Box

I can't tell you how many times 
[after I get asked "does he cook like this every night??"]

"do your kids eat everything?" 

"what do you make them for lunch,
I need new ideas!"

I will say that although they don't eat EVERYTHING, they do eat well. 
I have never made a separate meal for anyone. Ever. 
I already make 7x[3+2(snacks)]  everyday. 

yesterday I saw this at Williams Sonoma
I love these ideas, and I think most of us are visual
if not learners-for SURE eaters!

Here's an idea I've made for lunches for a while. 
Super easy & packed with fiber, protein & completely exchangeable to your tastes.
 Its pasta salad, made with the pasta plus. Most kids love pasta already, this stuff is like a complete meal! honestly. 
 Here's what we added, garbanzo beans, carrots, cucumbers, kidney beans & because the little man below is so sweet- olives. Per his request. 
 Make the pasta as directed, have your beans (extra fiber, protein, very kid friendly!) & veg ready. 
Cool the pasta before adding or it absorbs all your dressing. Then I just add a little ranch dressing, and little italian dressing. If I had the time, I'd make Pioneer Woman's Ranch. Because that stuff is SO good no one can resist...if not, use what I have. Little salt & pepper. If it needs more creamy, add little may. 

 I pack it it containers for lunch time, kids love it & I feel good knowing they've had something substantial in their tummy. 
Many many combinations possible. 
Cherry Tomatoes

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