Thursday, December 1, 2011

savoring my year...

I took this with my iphone the other day...
we were between my long list of errands,
and as every momma knows it takes an extra time to get check marks on our lists with little followers.
we interrupted my list to go to the park to play. 
shadows caught a moment I just don't want to forget...
Isn't that why we take pictures?

On this day, I had been reminded from every interaction from strangers how big he's getting.
[seems I get a lot of, "betcha cant wait til last ones in school all day-FINALLY"]
I am in no way in a hurry to drop this little guy off. 
 I am totally loving the time I have with him & trying to savor those moments.
we color. we find letters of the day. sometimes we stay in pjs til noon. He's my buddy. I've had a lump in my throat knowing kindergarten is inching closer...all DAY kindergarten!
 He's just a light in my day & yes-I know I'll get more done when I can jet between stops, those appts I put off (teeth cleaning? check up? the quite necessary pedicure!) 
But as a all of us. 
We're gonna miss this. 
All of it. 
the last of my crew.
my pal. 
Mr. Green eyes melts me.
Savor the shadows while you have them...

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  1. Hey there! Stopped in to check out your blog when I saw your video over at Becky LOVE your blog! I appreciate your outlook on savoring the little moments. This was my exact goal this year as my munchkins are 2 and 3.5. I often take on the perspective of..."I cannot wait until..." and "life will be so much easier/better/more enjoyable when..."

    That picture of your shadows is just precious. Thank you for sharing, and I will definitely be back!