Tuesday, January 18, 2011

infamous Carrot Cake. Made not plain

and by plain I mean, looking. 
because carrot cake is never plain in tasting!
story goes like this.
A dear grandmother & favorite aunt make the best carrot cake
girl dates a guy that as it turns out, only LOVEs carrot cake for dessert (well...that and ice cream:)
girl makes best carrot cake recipe & marries guy
forever making carrot cakes for all occasions, which turns out to rub off on all guys friends- 
making more than carrot cake for him, but also his friends...
resulting in Infamous Carrot Cake

 which is now often requested for birthdays all over :)

Here it is. 
its the best recipe
I've made it into cupcakes
it has 4 CUPS of freshly grated carrots!
then slathering the cake with oh so yummy cream cheese frosting!!

But then I must admit.
For a birthday celebration delivery...
it felt a bit plain. 
I just didn't want to send it over to our friends birthday looking like this...and 57 candles would be a bit much.
I made a little banner

 Kinda cute!? HUh?
I did it with 2 skewers & string & bits of ribbon 

Now yummy & un-plaind carrot cake!


  1. Looks great! I wonder how it tastes?? hmmmmmm only heard good things about your carrot cake! Well, May 3rd will tell.

  2. Carrot cake has always been a favourite around here. Slice up a small piece and I'll be back tomorrow.