Monday, October 25, 2010

what B eats.

the question of what my kids eat gets asked often. 
as in quite a bit. 
its cool, I am not sure how to answer that doesn't give a false sense of "perfection". 
Perfect we are NOT. 
Adapted & Expanded we are.
They all have had every vegetable, squash, fruit, pasta, protein, strange & unusual thing we have. 
because then you have kids that realize food is suppose to taste & be real. 

case in point.

we all love pizza. 
this particular night we picked up a take & bake
not my favorite but it did the job for kiddos
and I made steamed broccoli
{which they love}
and had celery leftover from snacks....
B had a piece of cheese pizza
a small pile of salad 
a mound of broccoli
and celery with dip

this is what his plate looked like after dinner
He'd eaten most of his greens & left the cheese pizza
which he does like BTW.
little salad left
little broccoli left
small splinter of celery left
glass of milk gone. 

see, don't be jumpin into that false boat
they do NOT eat everything. 
we do offer and keep offering and have always offered everything. 
4 love love love green beans. 
1 does not
1 love love love peas
4 do not.
Do I still cook green beans & peas
yeah, I love em!

Its just meant as an encouragement for you to not give up and keep trying all things. You never know. And for their sake give them the pleasure of eating real tasty fresh colorful foods.

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