Tuesday, October 26, 2010

there are some perks. officially the longest post yet.

life as a chef's wife does have some perks. 
no doubt the obvious is a "personal chef"
I say that as casually as possible because countless times when I would love & need to have him to cater for me, he was catering elsewhere.
However, I have never had to cook an entire holiday meal in all my 18 years as an adult.
I get to pick & choose what I'd like to make 
{and of course those requests :}
which really is a perk to be able to make what your inspired to instead of a whole meal. 
The other obvious perk is he can make anything.
ANY thing. 
anything I desire
anything I've had before & wish again
anything I crave
anything I see
anything I read about
{insert here. have I mentioned my magazine fedish? well, that's another post}
yes it its lovely to have my chef.
another perk is events.
mostly we go 
he works
i wander & look for other solo partners of other "workers" to act as a group date.
The other less often but seriously good perk is meeting other chefs. 
We actually know a lot as you can imagine. 
Both around our neck of the woods and all over really. 
Like in May when we went to Disney Food & Wine event, met up with our friend Danielle (whom we adore) who was there with Anne Burrell & her side kick Cocktail making Celebrity. 
good times be had @ The Mouse House.
Of course knowing where to call when you need a favor. Again perk. 
Last year Pebble Beach Food & Wine event. Oh my the fun. Oh my the perks (my perks, my chef worked his A** off!) The 4 day event started like this and had more of this. Too much fun. well, not tooooooo much :)
This last week we had the invitation to congratulate friends on a new & wonderful cookbook. 
In order to make a Wednesday night work, 
we loaded the whole fam for a much much needed adventure.
Out of town. 
Still "working" 
This is what that looked like
Lists emails voicemails texts 2 phones & 1 ipad. 
Can you tell we needed a break???

Then we got to the fun part
but had to travel past this

 Huge day for Giants....so close to the action but no tickets :(

OH how I love The Ferry Building. 
It has 
and much much more.
But we will be there in 2 weeks, so we drove on.
The ever lovely & breath taking Golden Gate
[since we took the kids outta school to "adventure" we used this opportunity for a physics lesson & history lesson]

There is never a time it hasn't awed me.

About 10 minutes past is a small darling town called 
Mill Valley
we found a room {large one for our crew!}
at Mill Valley Inn
it was top floor of a house 
kids loved the balcony in the redwoods.
I loved the smell. 
Fresh Forest with Fog Wisps.

then we ventured around the town.
B on his bike.

 Tyler Florence Shop
 Summer House Shop
 street florist (I LOVE this green color!)
 I know. I know, lame- me taking pictures of butter. BUT look
all those different kinds of butter!!! 
OH my!
 my sweet kiddos got in the mood from all this yumminess. They grocery shopped for their night in the Inn.
 And being that they are wonderful & we DID just venture through SF
It was time for ITs ITs.
Please tell me you've had this ice cream oatmeal cookie chocolate dipped goodness. 

 He hadn't before. 

The room
and back to my story of perks.
SO we were graciously invited to the shop for a friends & family Book Release Party
It was so fun to stroll just around the corner from the Inn
shop was closed 
but filled with friends & other Mill Valley-ites :)

Have you seen the book? 
Even my chef who has 400+ cookbooks was impressed & looked it over cover to cover
{I so love this lighting...silver contemporary around a chandelier}
 I took a million pictures of the event & the store to share because this is such a great place. 
French Antiques
need I say more?

 just released TF wines with Mondavi. Glad to share a sip or two!

 Inside Kitchen for small production & demos. 
Don't you just love love the black subway tiles!?
 Chefs by candle light....elegant
 the fabulous Joy & Tolan in bookstore part of the store....love the selection
although tonight we were here for just one book

 this shelf was empty by end of the night. 
 I even love the wooden spool that has stickers & twine. 
 Tyler was gracious & very busy signing books & visiting all the friends

 yes please. one of each...


 Our hostess with delightful nibbles for us to snack on
 delicious & warm Fall fare- Cauliflower Curry & Banana Bisque

 The lovely Tolan & I....I love taking pictures with a tall girl, I'm not hunched!
 My darling TF. 
 These are from closer to us, Olive Oil from Paso Robles in amazing flavors!
 CookBook area....you wanta get lost here!
 end of the night, all the vino had been drank so they had to break into a new vintage!
 just a few more to sign! 

 These two are adorable. Tolan's parents Marjorie & Larry, they opened a store in Mill Valley called 
Moss & Moss
it is a must see. Love love their eclectic & vintage taste. 
 Todd, me, Marjorie, Larry, Tolan & Tyler
thank you all for your gracious hospitality....we loved it.

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  1. Yes, there are perks being the wife of a chef. How wonderful to meet Tyler in such an intimate way. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with him at last year's Carmel Valley Harvest Festival. He's very gracious. His new cookbook is on my wish list.