Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

to every one for every reason, Happy Memorial Day!

12 years ago on Memorial Day our sweet Abbie made her entrance into my arms. We didn't peek at boy or girl, never did with any of the 5, and I just knew I was having a boy. And I wanted a girl.
Of course I wanted a healthy baby-but secretly wanted a girl.
So when daddy got to share with me
" Its a girl!"
I was blubbering extra.

She's a bright skipping, humming, dancing, light in our lives and I still marvel I get to be her momma.

She's just the best little Snail I know. 

Happy Memorial Day to one of my best memories of all..

And if you see anyone in our Forces today-look em in the eye and say Thank you. 
from me too. 

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