Sunday, December 26, 2010

She's making. He's making.

Day after Christmas tradition has changed.
Which means, time to start "try-outs" for new traditions.
First of all, the mall today.
Not kidding, gotta add that in!!!
no, not crazy, we saw everyone we knew there today!
Which is code for everyone we know, but otherwise wouldn't see over the holidays!

Now, home.
I'm making French Onion Soup.
So comfort food for me.
And he' making croque monsier.
Again, YUMMM.

My recipe, well, they way I made it last time was a blend of Ina Garten's & Ree Drummond.
Which means soon, after a couple tries, it will be mine. :)
thanks ladies!!! I love you both. dearly.

As for "he's making", I never have. BUT I have eaten it & loved it.
Oh crap, gotta run. He's messing with my soup!!
more later on gifts for the chef that worked!

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